Our Mission

Parents for Peace is an alliance of families impacted by extremism and supporters who work together to:

  • Reduce stigma for those affected by extremism and enable them to speak out
  • Provide support to people concerned that a loved one may be involved in extremism
  • Increase awareness of the danger extremism poses to vulnerable youth.
  • Connect diverse partners to develop effective counter-extremism solutions


  • Community: act on our shared responsibility to protect young people
  • Support: respect the emotional trauma of parents who lose children to extremism
  • Tolerance: recognize that extremism comes in many forms can impact all of us
  • Freedom: uphold core individual rights and democratic principles
  • Nonviolence: use peaceful means to push back against extremism and hate
  • Justice: hold accountable people who manipulate impressionable youth

Founders & Advisors

Click here for biographies of our founding parents.