‘Vogue’ Interview with ‘American Jihad’ Director

Vogue interviewed director Allison Ellwood about the new Showtime documentary ‘American Jihad‘ which features stories from Parents for Peace members.

Vogue writes of the film:

Those family members lend emotional heft to a film that can feel a bit perfunctory and breathless in its attempt at comprehensiveness. Their pain is palpable, as is their bewilderment over how and where and when to express it. Warsames mother, a Somali refugee who fled for the U.S. with her son when he was 10 months old, speaks of her fear of Zak joining a gang, of encouraging him to connect with his religion, only to find him turning to Awlakis propaganda. I thought my son was on the right path. I never thought that hes learning extremist Islam, or jihadist, or that kind of stuff, she says. He was normal Zak. Kastigars mother, whose son died in Somalia in 2009, admits, her voice shaking: The loss is terrible and shocking. Im careful about talking about this loss. Because I cant bear to have anyone be hateful toward my son. I just cant bear it.

You can read the full interview here