• Faq
  • What is Parents for Peace's mission?

    Parents for Peace aims to protect vulnerable young people from extremism. We are an alliance of families impacted by extremism and supporters who work together to:

    • Provide support to families trying to save loved ones from being radicalized
    • Support and empower those whose lives have already been tragically altered by extremism.
    • Improve public awareness and understanding of all forms of extremism.
    • Inspire grassroots action, because ordinary Americans have a vital role to play in challenging extremism and hate.


  • Who are the founders of Parents for Peace?

    Melvin Bledsoe, Monica Holley, and Muhammad Abdullah co-founded the organization in 2015. All three were impacted when their family member Carlos Bledsoe, a young man from Memphis, Tennessee, became radicalized while at college, underwent further radicalization after traveling to Yemen, and upon returning ultimately attacked an army recruiting center in Little Rock, Arkansas, killing one army private and wounding another.

    Melvin Bledsoe is Carlos's father. He watched Carlos change without understanding how deeply the son he raised had been altered. Devastated by his inability to intervene effectively before it was too late, he has tried to channel that pain into a positive way forward.

    Monica Holley is Carlos's sister. She witnessed her younger brother's descent into extremism and struggled to support him and reconnect up until the point that he committed an act of violence. As the mother of two young boys, she feels a responsibility to take action to safeguard the next generation of young Americans from extremism.

    As Carlos was radicalizing, Melvin turned for help to his cousin Muhammad Abdullah.A father of seven and a Muslim, Muhammad tried to provide some guidance to Carlos to steer him away from a radical path. His failure to reach Carlos in time prompted his desire to see more effective intervention tools for families.

    These founding board members also recruited a Network of other parents impacted by extremism and a board of advisors with valuable experience to help strengthen Parents for Peace.


  • How does Parents for Peace hope to make an impact?

    Parents for Peace hopes to make an impact by:

    • Offering support via a confidential helpline - 844-49-PEACE - to families and friends concerned about a loved one being drawn into extremism.
    • Improving public awareness and understanding of all forms of extremism (see our Facebook page and youtube channel)
    • Providing a platform for families who have had children recruited into extremism to share their stories through public speaking and media.
    • Collaborating with other organizations who are working to challenge extremism.


  • How can I make a difference?

    Thank you for your interest in getting involved. There area few key things you can do to help:

    • Stay informed about the risk of young people being exploited by extremists;
    • Educate others about this risk;
    • Help support our programs with a donation.

    Many American families remain unaware of the potential threat to their loved ones. It may seem simple, but raising awareness can make a critical difference in someones life. In addition, your donation helps enable several unique projects, including:

      • An independent, non-government helpline for people who are trying to help their vulnerable loved ones reject extremist ideas and make healthy choices;
      • A peer-support network for people whose lives have already been impacted extremism
      • Providing a platform for families to speak out about how their loved ones vulnerabilities were exploited for extremist ends;

    For more specific information, please see our page on Getting Involved.

  • I am worried about someone possibly being radicalized - what should I do?

    If you are a family member or friend worried about a young person's growing extremism, you are not alone. Many people have struggled with similar challenging situations. It is okay to ask for help. Please consider contacting our helpline at 844-49-PEACE. You can also email program@parents4peace.org with questions