Pardeep Kaleka

Video transcript:

Anyone that carries out any action against somebody else always feels justified to do so. So justice sometimes is a very relative loose term. And no matter who you are, even a white supremacist will feel justified, feel like theyve done justice. White supremacist ideology, any kind of white supremacist ideology, can be put into fourteen words. And the shooter, Wade Page, had the tattoo 14 on his left shoulder. And these 14 words are pretty much, we shall ensure the existence of our race and a future for white children. So thats why – we think about justification – and his justification was to secure the existence of a race and a future for white children. As weird and you know some people might even chuckle at it and say thats just strange, but what it is, its fear. Fear is driving him to do what he did, and fear can create anger, anger at the other. And so now you have this fear embedded into this person who is living it for a long time. Thats not a good feeling to have to yourself.