Carole Mansfield

Carole Mansfield – Parents For Peace

Video Transcript:

Carole: She was a pleasure to have her live with us, on and off. Her mom and dad were divorced, or getting divorced, and her and her sister and their dad came back home to live with us. Just uh, a girl that every parent would be proud of. In school if there was a bully picking on another child – boy or girl – Nicole would’ve been that one’s best friend to convince her or him that bullying should not be going on. She was… she had a heart that big.

Monica: She always stepped in, Nicole always stepped in —

Carole: –To help the underdog —

Monica: –Correct and if you had a little cut on your arm or anything, she would be right there, the first one with a band-aid for ya.

Carole: A poster child for good behavior. But then it come a time her life, the teenage years that, you know… “I’m going to see my mother,” “I’m going to see my dad,” you know. And we didn’t have control of her, we didn’t have guardianship or nothing like that. She just stayed there, that was home to her. And anyway it just… one thing lead to another and I think, the wrong crowd was her downward spiral. You know and from that up to, I think, the internet had a lot to do with Nicole. She was deep into everything. She wanted to know what every religion was about, every this and every that. And when she got into something it was, you jump right in, you know you don’t stand back and feel the water, you get right in and you follow. And I seen that coming.

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