Deqa Hussen

Deqa Hussen – Parents For Peace

Video Transcript:
ISIS they don’t represent the Muslim community. They are people who are damaging my culture and my islam. Many people they don’t know the reality. They are still thinking, it’s not existing, it’s not true. But I always try to make sure to let another mother who doesn’t know what happened – to tell what happened and tell her that it’s true. The radicalization is true. It happened to my son. I’m very happy my son is alive. Many parents, their son or their daughter get killed in Syria. Before it happens to you, seek help.”

Video Transcript:

The FBI contacted me, and they was asking about, if I knew anything change for my son. And I was keep saying like “I don’t know, I mean I haven’t seen any changes if you guys know or if you guys seen any changes let me know what have you seen.” So they was keep saying that “we’re worried about your son, he’s hanging out with this young group, and I think they are going to Syria.” So when I heard the word “Syria” like, I was kinda shocked.

My phone ring, I pick up my phone and it’s a friend of mine and he said “Hey Deqa” and I said “Hi.” And he said “Where is your son?” I told him that my son came to me this afternoon, and I think he’s at home what happened? And he said “I just wanna tell you he just got indicted this morning.” So I mean I didn’t know what happened, I was kinda like, my body was totally shut down.

So I tried to call my son. It was like 6 something, I call my son my son. When I call him he never ignore my phone. Never. So I call him like six times, nobody answered the phone. So I texted him, I said “I’m worried about you. I wanna know if you are ok.” And six minutes later one of the lady FBI agents call me back, I think she has his phone, and she said “Is this Deqa?” and I said “Yeah.” And she said this is FBI agent – my name is this -. She said “I just arrest your son.” I said “Why?” And she said she arrest my son one count of conspiracy.

When he get arrested I was kinda like “Oh why did they arrest my son, he didn’t do anything.” But after he opened up and he said “Mom I lied to you,” I was kinda realize that there was radicalization going on.

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