Julie Boada


Julie Boada – Parents For Peace

Video Transcript:

It wasn’t until he was already in Somalia and the FBI came to me and told me that they thought Troy was involved. And I don’t even know, I don’t remember if they said “Al-Shabab” or they said “something dangerous.” I don’t remember because it was completely new to me. I never had, never crossed my mind.

When the FBI came that was in July, and he was killed in early September. And I’d only just started to grapple with it. My initial response was “they’re wrong, something’s going on but he’s not part of that.” I hadn’t talked to him for quite a while but all his emails and our communications in Somalia were sweet, they were really sweet. So I also couldn’t think how could he be, you know, like… It’s hard to imagine the boy I know seeing any kind of violence like that and not being destroyed, not being destroyed by it. Play acting is one thing, I can imagine him play acting as a warrior. But it’s hard to imagine that he could even survive the ugliness of that.

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